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SSL Certificates Affordable RapidSSL®

RapidSSL® is a 128/256 Bit SSL Certificate. RapidSSL® is already present in the IE 5.01+, Netscape 4.7+ and Mozilla 1+ browsers and many other new Windows and Macintosh based browsers. RapidSSL® is perfect for those that are looking for an SSL Certificate without all the bells and whistles.

We recommend RapidSSL® for web sites conducting low transaction volumes. If you require mobile ubiquity and a dynamic site seal to instill consumer confidence check out our GeoTrust® and VeriSign® product range.

  • Issued Within Minutes
  • No Paperwork Required
  • $10,000 USD RapidSSL® Warranty
  • Up To 256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption
  • Includes Smart Seal (Site Seal)
  • Up To 5 Years Validity
  • Automated Online Validation
  • Issuance Insurance £6.00
  • 99.9% Browser Recognition Rate
  • Multiple Year Discounts Up To 20%
  • SSL Installation Service Available
  • Sent Via E-Mail Instantly

RapidSSL® SSL Certificates have a browser recognition of 99.9%, offering a truly reliable SSL Certificate solution.

Buy RapidSSL® From £18.00 Per Year

Our pricing structure for RapidSSL® is well below the recommended retail price. Buy for 4 years and and the cost of RapidSSL® works out to be excellent value at only £14.49 per year.

Certificate Validity Your Price Discount
1 Year £18.00 -
2 Years £35.10 5.00%
3 Years £52.65 7.50%
4 Years £70.20 10.00%

Issuance Insurance is offered with RapidSSL® for only £6.00. We will reissue your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate free of charge for the life of the SSL Certificate in the event it becomes inoperable, for any reason. More Information About Issuance Insurance.

Consider Upgrading GeoTrust® QuickSSL® Premium

We recommend upgrading from the entry-level RapidSSL® Certificate to the GeoTrust® QuickSSL® Premium SSL Certificate. For just £75.00 per year QuickSSL® Premium includes 3 additional SAN's (Subject Alternate Names) and also supports mobile devices. Your QuickSSL® Premium also comes with the highly trusted and highly recognisable GeoTrust® Site Seal.

Trustico® Recommended Product Price Order Link
QuickSSL® Premium £75.00 Order

RapidSSL® Automatically Secures WWW & Your Root Domain

All RapidSSL® SSL Certificates include the fully qualified domain name listed in the Common Name (CN) field in the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) fields as well as the root domain. The root domain will be included when the CN is for www.domain.com or *.domain.com and the fully qualified domain name consists of three levels.

For example, if we receive an order for www.domain.com, both www.domain.com and domain.com will be included as values in the SAN fields.

Wildcard Option Available For RapidSSL®

As an additional option, you can secure an unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name with RapidSSL® Wildcard. Our RapidSSL® Wildcard solution offers great value and is highly competitive within the SSL market at only £134.00, with additional discounts for multi-year orders - More Information.

It's Easy To Order RapidSSL® SSL Certificates

Please use the following ordering buttons to go directly to our fully automated ordering system. Your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate will be issued within minutes of your successful order.

RapidSSL® Products Price Order Certificate
RapidSSL® £18.00 Order
RapidSSL® Wildcard £134.00 Order
FreeSSL 30 Day Trial - Order

Who Will Be The Certification Authority

Your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate will be issued directly by RapidSSL®. RapidSSL® SSL Certificates are trusted by 99.9% of web browsers, ensuring your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate will be free from pop-ups or SSL Certificate errors.

RapidSSL® Issued Within Minutes

RapidSSL® is delivered to you through the world’s fastest SSL Certificate provisioning system. When you order RapidSSL® the fully automated authentication and issuance process verifies that you have administrative rights to the domain listed in the SSL Certificate.

Once you have placed your order you must take a few moments to complete the Approver E-Mail validation requirement via an automated online validation process, your SSL Certificate will then be instantly issued. Validation Requirements.

RapidSSL® Premium Installation Service

Please visit our Installation Support Page for comprehensive information on how to install your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate. If you require technical assistance to install your SSL Certificate, please take advantage of our Premium Installation option for just £43.00 and one of our experienced technical support staff will install your RapidSSL® SSL Certificate quickly and easily.

How To Install The Site Seal

To display the RapidSSL® site seal on your web site you can copy the text below the web site security seal of your choice shown below and insert it into your web page code where you would like your Trustico® Smart Seal or RapidSSL® Secured Seal (RapidSSL® Site Seal) to appear. We recommend installing your web site security seal on each page of your web site as well as next to your online forms, on your product pages and also next to your payment options to increase conversions.