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Affiliate Program Start earning, big.

Whether you are a website owner who has content on your site or are an organisation providing a product or service (profit or non-profit) within your own right, you can apply to the TechMania-Hosts Affiliate program to sell our products and services and earn money.

The simple concept is to drive your sites traffic to TechMania-Hosts’s online site and earn money by doing so. TechMania-Hosts offers you the opportunity to use banner ads, flash ads or just simple hyper-links whatever is best suited for promotion within your site/network.

What is the affiliate program?

The affiliate program allows you to place links on your website or within your app to TechMania-Hosts. You can link to hosting, domains, services, gaming, and more. You will earn a commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links.

How do I sign up?

To sign-up to our Partnerships & Affiliates program please follow this link. You will need to enable the program and be signed into the client area to signup. Please note that you will need to provide contact information as well as information about your site or app.

How does the Affiliate Program work?
  • You get paid for driving qualified traffic to TechMania-Hosts.com’s site/order form
  • Register to be an affiliate with our affiliate program
  • Choose which ads you would like to promote from the client area
  • Generate sales and earn money
What does it cost to join?

Nothing. It's free to become an affiliate at TechMania-Hosts.

Is my website or app eligible for the affiliate program?

We accept a wide variety of sites and apps to the program. However, we reserve the right to refuse any site that does not comply with our terms and conditions. Unsuitable sites include, but are not limited to, those that:

  • Infringe trademark rights of any third party or otherwise violate the rights of any third party similar.
  • Contain sexually explicit materials.
  • Contain hate/violent/offensive content.
  • Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Promote illegal activities or otherwise violate any applicable laws, including those targeting spyware, "adware" or SPAM.
  • Violate any intellectual property rights, including, without limitation, scraping text or images from Our Websites.
  • Do not clearly state an online privacy policy to its visitors.
  • Otherwise are considered offensive or inappropriate at TechMania-Hosts's sole discretion.
Can websites outside the United Kingdom sign-up?

Yes Absolutely, anyone from around the world can join the affiliate program.

If I have more than one site, can I still become an affiliate?

Absolutely. the more sites you own and promote on the more commission you are likely to earn.

Are all publishers automatically approved to be affiliates?


Do sales of free items show up in the reports?

For free sales of hosting or any other free item, you will see reports of £0 transactions.

When will I receive my commissions?

After meeting the minimum threshold you will receive your commissions up to 90 days after the month has finished.

How do you make money?
  • TechMania-Hosts will offer you a percentage (%) in commission for every product that you sell in a completed transaction by trafficking sales from your site to the store.

  • Your traffic will be managed through Affiliate tracking system. If any of the traffic you drive to TechMania-Hosts purchases a product from client area then you will see this track in your Affiliate account and a commission will be allocated.

  • Affiliates are paid twice a month on 1st and 16th of each month. The payments are based on the date that the commission is validated. Any commissions validated between 1st and 15th of one month will be paid out to affiliates on 1st of the next month. Any commissions validated between 16th and the end of one month are paid out to affiliates on 15th of the following month.
I make videos on YouTube can i still join?

Absolutely, however we would recommend you sign up to our YouTube™ Partner Program rather than the normal Affiliates Program.